FPAWS Staff:


Leng Consul

Community Relations Director:

Marie  Serica DelaCruz

Props and Costume Managers:

Julieta Mae Dacut

Make-up Artists:

Cora Canaria

Jojo Quimzon

FPAWS Advisers

Nollie Azucena

Cirilo ‘Sapi” Bawer

Titania Buchholdt

Dorothy Cordova

Melanie Paredes

Tony Porciuncula

Rudi Soriano

Marshall Wandag

FPAWS Board of Directors

Jopine Atienza

Norma Divinagracia

Marlyn Kirkpatrick

Mike Vanwinkle

Choreographer/Director:Juliet Omli-Cawas Cheatle

Juliet is the founder; Artistic Director and Choreographer of FPAWS. She was born and raised in the villages of Lubuagan & Guinaang in Kalinga Province . As a young girl , she found endless fascination with the folk dances especially her own Kalinga tribal music and dances. She received formal instructions in Pilipino folk dances from her teacher, Ms. Asuncion Cardinal in St. Theresita’s School in Lubuagan. With the Kalinga Music and Dances, her teacher was observation together with the expert tutelage of Mr. Cirilo "Sapi" Bawer who remains her adviser and personal friend. Coupled with these was a keen interest passion and the unique culture she considers her inheritance. This Passion she intends to pass on to the interested members of the Filipino community , particularly the younger generation which she says, needs to discover , understand, appreciate and value their Filipino roots, culture and tradition. Juliet used to be a member in various cultural dance groups in the Philippines and in the U.S.A. She doesn’t say much about all the experience, credits, she received as a performer, artistic director and choreographer. Juliet considers herself simply …… a Teacher.

FPAWS Artistic Talents:

Aldrin Azucena -

Victoria Baroga –

Kevin Canda –

Camille ConsulCamille has been with FPAWS for 7 years. She works as a sales assistant at a major car dealership in Kirkland. She loves playing tennis and spending time with her family. She believes that performing and learning more about her Filipino culture is an experience she can carry with her the rest of her life.

Clarita Consul  Leng as friends calls her works with a major health insurance company as a State Health Questionnaire Processor. She enjoys singing and dancing. Leng is an active member of the Fil-Am Association of North Puget Sound and also a choir member for her church and for the Fil-Am Voices.

Janelle Azucena – Janelle currently works full-time as a computer technician. A few of the activities she enjoys doing in her spare time are dancing, traveling, running and snowboarding. Being in the FPAWS dance troupe allows her to learn more about her culture while promoting it. Janelle is proud to call herself a Filipina.

Virginia Cody - Gie as friends know her, works as a Supervisor, Transfusion Support Services at Harbor View Hospital. In her spare time, she loves to cook, decorate cakes, do crafts, and dance. She has been involved with FPAWS since 2001 and has always enjoyed performing. Gie is also the current vice president of the Filipino-American Association of North Puget Sound.

Dana Canaria Dana is a member of FPAWS for almost 7 years. She looks forward on staying with FPAWS so to learn more about her Filipino culture through the art of dancing and music. Besides her interest in Filipino cultural dancing, Dana is also ballet dancer. She also plays soccer and is a member of her school’s soccer team. Dana enjoys spending time with her family and singing in her church choir.

Juliet Cheatle - Juliet works as Business Administrator for an Aviation Consulting Firm. Aside from choreographing/directing and making sure that the FPAWS group carries on their objectives as ambassadors of the Filipino culture, Juliet is an avid hiker. She loves to travel and also enjoys skiing, sky diving, river rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Hannah Dinero -

Julieta Mae Dacut - 

Athena Galdonez is attending the University of Washington as a pre-Med student. "Be proud of your heritage," she believes. Athena’s extra-curricular activities include: Singing, playing volleyball, singing karaoke and playing the guitar. Athena is Miss Fil-Am Association of North Puget Sound 2008.

Mikko Juan

Patricia Juan

Bianca Llorico

Anthony Llorico

Erica Manzano Erica is a freshman student at Western WA University. She has been with FPAWS for 7 years. She enjoys freehand drawing and making crafts. Erica also takes ballet and hip hop classes and is a member of the Marysville Performing Arts Centre Senior Company. Erica is also a hip-hop choreographer.

Maya Manzano Maya attends Arlington High School. She has been with FPAWS for almost 6 years. She enjoys playing sports of volleyball and member of the high school varsity team. Maya takes jazz and hip hop and is also a member of the Performing Company for Marysville Performing Arts Centre.

Megan Manzano Megan attends Post Middle School in Arlington.

Reina Quimzon Reina attends Arlington High School. This is her 7th year with the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State. She enjoys learning the dances, performing and being with the FPAWS which she considers a family. Aside from her FPAWS activities, she is also enjoys the sports of volleyball, cross country, swimming and track, playing the piano, and sings for her church choir and for fun as well. Reina is also a certified Zumba fitness instructor.

Donny Rojo

Marie Serica - Marie is a sophomore at the Western WA University. She joined the FPAWS dance troupe six years ago and enjoys learning about her culture and sharing it with others. After having been a member of the Naneanani Hula Studio for seven years, Marie hopes to take up hula lessons again someday. The Miss Fil-Am of North Puget Sound 2010, Marie is also an officer of the WWU Filipino American Student Association.

Christine Serica – Attends Arlington High School. She was not interested in dancing and performing at first but was influence by her sister, Marie. Christine enjoys being with the FPAWS to these days. Other than dancing with FPAWS, Christine enjoys karate is currently earned her green belt. Christine loves to read and spending fun time with her family.

Christopher Serica

Vanessa Smoke

Janelle Vital –

Ray Vital –


Ryan Azucena

Nikko Azucena

Nelson Batin

Krista Baylon

Kent Baylon

Jeremy Canaria

Rosalina Christofferson

Samantha Cardona

Aida Cardona

David Dinero

Liya Iverson

Marlyn Kirkpatrick

Patrick Leathem

Alda Sarmiento

Elsie Yost